At the inside of Bucana


Its a big community at the unknown person you have meet every you go outside in my house.Every person in our community are came from to the other places out of Davao city live and borned before in their own land.One thirds of that in population are originally lived and born since in their ancestral family before also me I originate live in this community since to my Grandfather born here.In Bucana, like the color of a rainbow.Sometimes war, sometimes happy,sometimes complicated.But I’m proud that I live whenever if    it is a squatter area or populated place at least I’m comforting here.Every people one place one feeling understand in thier situation.But four Brgy. Captain he did not take in their situation.then, he did not take our solving of the canal bridge.when the rain comes we suffered in floody. Because of Clogged canal.many plastic as floating in canals and high levels of canal water.I do not know just anywhere I go, like abandoning this area because not even fixed the way the  gravel road the bending band at  Nograles Ave.when every pure flood rains without boundaries in solving the problem of residents satisfied dito.subalit On what he did to our community like this: Designed nyang coast to become Coastal Park seawall and Mini Zoo.Pag you bathe, On another cottage that may use shelter and use for the family picnic.Even ugly he made in his place, but segued her for us really show the beauty in our area even though this only situation I can say “it’s more fun in Bucana” seepage those who emigrate and live here really receptive the status here in our area,