The Pirates of Silicon Valley

“The story is all about the 2 person that with different goals in life one has to make one common computer and just basically have about programming he invented.Seems to have occurred in their two competitors who are great with them and which of them the big sales invented. Steve  Jobs is possessed of computer software and may itself be syang he named his Macintosh with current proprietary been the first Pixar contributed to the world he was the first computer as a TV form, but may improve its already made ​​in its OS but he left Apple but he returned in 1997.Soon he will make the world’s first laptop in 2001 and shared in the past season, he will make the iPod touch screen until he called hanggangang itouch iphone before he died, he shared his last invention that it is a sheer and ipad size of a notebook like the Samsung galaxy tab likened he died in 2011 because of pain in pancreatic cancer.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft with his friends in Harvard. He started off in his college dorm room before moving to New Mexico. The filmed portrayed him as a smart and sly geek. He had a surprising gift of making people buy into what he does not have. He sold DOS to IBM without even writing a single code. It was only after the deal was made that they bought an operating system from someone else and edited it to fit what they wanted to do. Knowing how much Steve Jobs wanted to beat IBM, he later approached him and sold him on the idea of working together against “Big Brother”. It was their nickname for the computer hardware giant.

Once Bill Gates had the prototypes from Macintosh, he messed with the code and had his own hardware made by NEC in Japan. In a crucial confrontation in the film, Bill showed no remorse for doing so and made a lot of money from selling computers. As he said in the movie, it did not matter that Apple had better stuff. Bill was able to sell more machines at a cheaper price. Apart from that, he also made money from licensing the software to IBM.

The movie ended with Steve Jobs being fired from Apple. He used that time to reconnect and build his real family. He was later brought back into Apple. Bill Gates appeared in one of Steve’s anticipated symposiums via video as their new partnership was announced. Microsoft bought a stake in Apple Computers.

If I were one of them, I would prefer to be in Steve Jobs’ place. Money is not a consideration since both got rich beyond their wildest dreams. I choose Jobs because of the impact he made on the world being the “great artist” that he was. He also lived a more fulfilling life. It spanned an era of rebellion, controversy, wild success, sudden failure, learning opportunity and redemption. In the end, he had a life well lived. That is what I would want for myself”