‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ gets whole trending to the filipino in Mid-’90’s

  Most of all people relate of this song because of its will happens in life of a person especially in lovelife.therefore, sometimes repeat about 3 times a day about this song.The Filipino says that the Eraserheads is the best bands of the year 1996.

“Maski bata man o matanda, makasasabay ito.Ito na siguro ang pambansang awit ng Pilipinas ”

-said the one person before who loves this song.

Even for me,when I was young when I heard this song before I emotionally crying because though I understand the song, and as I mature I have my feelings because of this song.This song has Content of the story of   3 children that go to the house of a woman to teach them to dance Boogy and Cha-cha.Later,one boy fall in love on the girl.After many years,they never met with the news that her son but no wife.She worked at Ermita.But suddenly,the dark cames he found that She accident in the dark alley.

That’s how the the story shows love and loneliness of one Person.

For you, what can you say in this song?

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