The Pirates of Silicon Valley

“The story is all about the 2 person that with different goals in life one has to make one common computer and just basically have about programming he invented.Seems to have occurred in their two competitors who are great with them and which of them the big sales invented. Steve  Jobs is possessed of computer software and may itself be syang he named his Macintosh with current proprietary been the first Pixar contributed to the world he was the first computer as a TV form, but may improve its already made ​​in its OS but he left Apple but he returned in 1997.Soon he will make the world’s first laptop in 2001 and shared in the past season, he will make the iPod touch screen until he called hanggangang itouch iphone before he died, he shared his last invention that it is a sheer and ipad size of a notebook like the Samsung galaxy tab likened he died in 2011 because of pain in pancreatic cancer.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft with his friends in Harvard. He started off in his college dorm room before moving to New Mexico. The filmed portrayed him as a smart and sly geek. He had a surprising gift of making people buy into what he does not have. He sold DOS to IBM without even writing a single code. It was only after the deal was made that they bought an operating system from someone else and edited it to fit what they wanted to do. Knowing how much Steve Jobs wanted to beat IBM, he later approached him and sold him on the idea of working together against “Big Brother”. It was their nickname for the computer hardware giant.

Once Bill Gates had the prototypes from Macintosh, he messed with the code and had his own hardware made by NEC in Japan. In a crucial confrontation in the film, Bill showed no remorse for doing so and made a lot of money from selling computers. As he said in the movie, it did not matter that Apple had better stuff. Bill was able to sell more machines at a cheaper price. Apart from that, he also made money from licensing the software to IBM.

The movie ended with Steve Jobs being fired from Apple. He used that time to reconnect and build his real family. He was later brought back into Apple. Bill Gates appeared in one of Steve’s anticipated symposiums via video as their new partnership was announced. Microsoft bought a stake in Apple Computers.

If I were one of them, I would prefer to be in Steve Jobs’ place. Money is not a consideration since both got rich beyond their wildest dreams. I choose Jobs because of the impact he made on the world being the “great artist” that he was. He also lived a more fulfilling life. It spanned an era of rebellion, controversy, wild success, sudden failure, learning opportunity and redemption. In the end, he had a life well lived. That is what I would want for myself”

How does Technology affects our lives

Technology is very important in my life because everything becomes easier with technology. A computer we can do research on the computer instead of going to the library. Now there are mp3 players which don’t need cd’s you can just put the songs into the memory.

s anyone benefiting from this massive increase in efficiency? It is tempting to say it’s the rich people, but technology has in fact made it more difficult for the rich people to stay rich. Before the age of information technology, the rich people had exclusive access to information that could be exploited to make a lot of money. Now they have much less of those advantages. Someone like Bill Gates could become the richest man on earth in a matter of a few decades. This is in fact one of the few examples I can think of where technology has actually improved the quality of our lives. It democratized the opportunities to be rich.

For those developing couTechnology increases efficiency. By itself, this sounds positive, but upon further investigation, we realize that efficiency does not necessarily lead to higher quality of life. Take the business of graphic design, for instance. Though I did not personally experience the days before computers, the industry is far more efficient now than it used to be. For the sake of the argument, say, the same job 20 years ago took 10 times longer to execute (which is probably not far from the truth), and one designer used to take on 5 jobs a year. This means that, with the increase in efficiency, today’s designer can take on 50 jobs a year. Has the quality of life for graphic designers increased because of technology? The answer is obviously no. Taking into consideration the rate of inflation, they are not getting paid anymore than they did 20 years ago, but are now required to produce 10 times more a year.

Technology with its rapid growing speed is influencing old ways of doing daily affairs. We don’t need anymore to move around to handle different tasks and chores since all of them will be done in a matter of pushing a botton located on a remote control. Nobody can deny that technology has brought comfort to our lives, but almost all of us confess this fact that technology by itself has got a lot of deficits that in long term will cause a lot of side effects either physically or emotionally. This is a fact that through the multi-madia and the wide spread range of webs ( Internet) the concept of time and distance have been vanished and people can keep in touch with each other by means of such facilities. The negative view is the fact that they keep in touch in a virtual world not natural. Via the webs and maild the emotional feelings and thoughts can not be transfered. People can convey their attitudes and thoughts much more efectively when they are close to each other

If we had no technology life would be so hard because if we had no stoves we would have to have to get charcoal to make fire. We also have a heating system in the homes that are being built and the homes that we live in. If there was no heating system we would have to buy heaters from stores. If we had no alarm clocks we would have to wake up by your own. Some times you will have to wake up on your own but most of the time you will be late.

Technology has affected me a lot because when before I was 7 years old there was not that much technology. There are lots of technologies now, like an Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, Ps3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS Lite. All of those technologies had come into this world after I was 7. Xbox 360 is a new and improved technology because now you can play live which means you can play with other people in the world. This means you can play with people who live in other parts of the world. Another major technology is Windows Vista. You can do stuff on Windows Vista that you can’t do on Windows XP. On Vista you can easily play DVDs, watch and record TV shows, download movies. It is also in 3D which means instead of selecting what window you want to open from the taskbar you can just click the one that is behind the window. This change is really big and that is Plasma and LCD televisions. Plasma televisions have many differences one major difference that you can see easily is that they are flat. The other differences are that the still come big sizes. The one we have is 50” which is not the biggest size you can get. Another technology is blu ray which makes the DVD’s that you put in a blu ray dvd player

Digital technology has changed the way interpersonal communication operates. It is easier than ever to maintain relationships and close contact. Cellphones, email, instant messaging and video conferencing allow people to talk to each other at any time. Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace allow people to keep friends and families in the loop by posting status updates. It has also changed the way people communicate. Internet slang uses different commonly understood abbreviations. For example, “lol” stands for laughing out loud and is used to indicate a humored response to a message that has been seThe Random House Unabridged Dictionary defines digital as “available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer.” The term “digital technology,” then, refers to technology that is electronic and computer based, such as laptops, cellphones and other portable devices. This field is continuously evolving and has dramatically changed the way we communicate in a variety of arenas

Digital communication has greatly altered the way people communicate in a business climate. Instead of having to talk to a sales associate and that individual manually filling out a form for a customer’s order, the customer can now place orders online with an automated system, decreasing the necessity of interpersonal communication. Email has sped necessary communications, allowing business to be done at an accelerated pace. Smartphones have increased accessibility to these fast moving communications and information databases, allowing business and business communications to take place at any time in any place with a signal.