The 3rd Jobslympics

It was a warm and heat Friday for the participants and visitors at the Evergold Gym.Every team was hoping to achieve in this event.The Red and Green Team.

“To UNITE to CONQUER”  that’s the theme of this year’s Intramurals.

The Diploma in Computer Technology 1 ,2 and Sunday School And Diploma in Events Management were Red’s.And Green’s are the Diploma in Multimedia Design Animation 1 and 2,Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology.

It’s starting Opening Ceremony with lightening torch by Student Council’s President Mark Kenny James Lim.Followed by Pledge by Ms. Jaica Florida.After that “Lets the Game Begin!”

The first Activity was the Cheerdance started by the Green team.Unfortunately, not immediately turned Red team perform due to technical problem with audio.But still continue the performance by Red Team.

After Cheerdance, the Dance sports perform by 2 participants of Red team and 1 from Green team.It was emotionally-act performed on 2nd round on Red team.Both of 2 teams are cheering for their team.

The 3rd is the Dodge ball where challenging and skillful followed the 3 games:Basketball,Scrabble and Darts.In basketball, The Red Team has won with the score of 34-32.And the MVP is Pimentel.

The afternoon events was the Badminton,Dance craze and Wacky Race.On wacky race was skilled games for every participants and the students enjoyed for that.

And the final is the Awarding Ceremony were Red and Green team are hoping that they are won.

The result of the Activity and Winners are:

Cheerdance: Green Team

Dance sport:

Runner-up:Red Team(Leineth Cayetano and Jomarie Ramas)

Champion:Red Team(Arman June Visabella and Ricmyr)

Dodge ball:Red Team

Basketball:Red Team


Scrabble:Red Team(Vanessa Jovero)

Darts:Red Team(Jonathan Ramas)

Badminton:Red Team(Danilo Go)

Wacky Race:Green Team

And Overall Champion is RED Team..Congratulations and hope next sports fest will Become enjoyment and prosperous.


Kadayawan at its best in Davao City

At the Start of 3rd week of August the people of Davao City is exited in much awaited Kadayawan festival.The visitor’s are gently come at the Durian city to watch a colorful and enjoyment scene.The malls are were lot more activities that  the people were populous in that sites.If I were shopping at the mall,there’s a discounts in their sales and the famous actor and actresses that can seen in television,national television rather and the folks shouting and over the joy that expected his or her idol was come seen in personal.


Between the shine at morning and rainy at Evening,the people of Davao still enjoy in that celebration under of this situation.



Next Year,the celebration still enjoy and if  can it just, more strides in improving satisfaction to be felt still the people of Davao are happy.

You, what can you say about Kadayawan in Davao?